New Sekkisei White Milky Wash

Sekkisei White Milky Wash



Sekkisei White Milky Wash gently cleanses the skin while moisturizing and whitening. It has anti-bacterial properties, softens and increases the elasticity of your skin. This cleanser also opens, cleanses and narrows the pores, thus, preventing acne. It is highly rich in antioxidants that protect the skin from free radicals, carcinogens, and ultraviolet rays, relieve inflammation, improve blood flow and heal damaged areas.

Melothria extract - eliminates edema, removes excess fluids from the tissues;

Coix seed extract - contains B vitamins and calcium, increases skin's immunity, restores, heals wounds and provides an anti-inflammatory effect;

Angelica extract- relieves inflammation and removes toxins from the skin;

Akebia extract - heals acne and inflammation, heals scratches, restores microcirculation;

Tea leaf extract - helps to cope with allergies;

Scutellaria hastifolia extract - normalizes sebum secretion, purifies and narrows the pores, removes toxins, heals small cracks and reduces acne scars.

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Brand KOSE
Capacity140 ml
Active ingredients: Indian melothria extract, coix seed extract, angelica officinalis extract, akebia extract, tea leaf extract, scutellaria hastifolia extract.
How to use: Apply this product to the wet skin in circular motions and rinse off with warm water.

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