Orbis Soy Isoflavone EX



Orbis Soy Isoflavone EX is designed for the care of women health. It contains useful components such as soy isoflavones, sunflower extract, rosemary, calendula, etc. with powerful health-improving properties. The supplement normalizes hormonal balance, improves well-being during menopause and has antioxidant effect. It helps to boost metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels and has a positive effect on the urinary system while reducing the risk of cancer. Boosts immunity and delays the process of aging.

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Amount60 pcs
Dosage30 days

How to use: Take 2 tablets per day.

Ingredients: Reduced maltose syrup, Dextrin, Soybean germ extract (GMO-free), Maca extract, Hop extract, Rosemary extract, Calendula extract, Safflower extract, Chrysanthemums, Crystalline cellulose, Sucrose, Shellac.

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