FUMAKILLA Virus Kafun Hana Shower Mist Type



FUMAKILLA Virus Kafun Hana Shower Mist Type is a safe and simple remedy that helps to clean the nasal cavity of bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

  •      Cleanses the nasal mucosa of dust and pollen
  •      Protects from viruses and bacteria
  •      Protects from allergens
  •      Eliminates puffiness
  •      Helps to breathe freely
  •      Moisturizes the mucous membranes

This product contains natural ingredients and doesn't irritate the mucous membranes.
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Capacity70 ml
Ingredients: purified water, sodium chloride, sodium citrate, citric acid, benzalkonium chloride, sodium edetate, glycerin.

How to use: Squeeze the saline solution slowly into the upper nostril. Breathe through your mouth, not your nose, at this time. Repeat on the opposite side. Gently blow your nose into a tissue when you’re done to clear out any mucus.

If you have
upper respiratory tract diseases, consult your doctor before use.

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