Portable Virus Blocker CL-40



CL-40 Virus Blocker will protect you against bacteria! The main active component of the product is chlorine dioxide. It penetrates into the bacteria structure, cleaning the air at the molecular level. Completely blocks the spread of viruses and protects against allergens (dust, pollen, etc.). The device also disinfects the air, eliminating unpleasant odors. Has strong antimicrobial properties. Effectively fights bacteria and fungi. It is especially useful during cold and flu season.

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Brand Envroy
Dosage30 days

Does not contain sodium hypochlorite! The formula is 100% safe. The safety level of chlorine dioxide gas is confirmed by FDA and USDA. JFCFA of WHO and FAO has also confirmed its safety.

How to use: Remove the transparent film from the front side. Attach the device case to any location convenient for you. This can be a breast pocket, belt, stroller or car salon.

Once opened, effective for up to one month. Effective period may differ under different circumstances.

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