New CEFINE Moisture Lotion

CEFINE Moisture Lotion



CEFINE Moisture Lotion has potent hydrating properties and is suitable for all skin types. It contains natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the skin:

  • Fullerene has a powerful antioxidant effect, protects the skin from free radicals and slows down the aging process;
  • SK-ONE protects the skin at the cellular level, stimulates cell regeneration;
  • Hydrolyzed silk makes the skin smooth and silky;
  • Hyaluronic acid supports the hydro-lipid film, smoothes wrinkles and leaves the skin firm and elastic;
  • Herbal extracts provide skin cells with nutrients, tone up the skin and boost metabolism;
  • Allantoin has an antibacterial effect, relieves inflammation and itching, reduces acne, stimulates cell regeneration.

CEFINE Moisture Lotion effectively fights dry and dehydrated skin.

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Brand Cefine
Capacity120 ml
Ingredients: fullerene, mineral complex SK-ONE, hydrolyzed silk, hyaluronic acid, oryzanol (from germinated rice), rosemary extract, shikonin, horsetail extract, hop extract, coniferous cones extract, lemon extract, amino acids, allantoin.

How to use: Apply a small amount of this lotion to the pre-cleansed face and neck. Use in the morning and evening.

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