List of products by brand Yuki Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

How to take: Take 15-30 tablets with food once a day. Rinse with water or any liquid. Nutritional value (100 g): Vitamin B2: 4-8 mg, proteins: 50-70 g, vitamin B6: 1-3 mg, lipids: 8-15 g, vitamin B12: 100-400 μg, iron: 100-300 mg, niacin 15 -30 mg, calcium: 400-1000 mg, chlorophyll: 2000-3500 mg, vitamin B1: 1-3 mg, Chlorella Vulgaris extract: 15-23%...


How to use: Take 1-2 capsules a day. Components: Young barley leaves, dextrin.


How to use: Take 1-2 sachets a day. Ingredients: Young barley leaves, Kale, Ashitaba, Dextrin.


How to use: Take 15-30 tablets per day. Ingredients: Chlorella, Siberian ginseng, ginseng, calcium.


Usage: Take 15-30 tablets per day. Ingredients: Chlorella powder.


Ingredients: Lactose, citric acid, cellulose, glycerin fatty acid ester. Nutritional value: Energy 4.2 kcal, protein - 0 g, fats - 0.04 g, carbohydrates - 1.93, sodium - 0.06 mg. How to take: Take 7-8 tablets a day in 2 divided doses. Do not take an empty stomach. Take this food additive for at least 2 months.


Ingredients: Pork collagen, shark cartilage extract (containing chondroitin), pork placenta extract, cellulose, vitamin C, flavor, glycerine fatty acid ester, hyaluronic acid.How to take: Take 7-8 tablets per day. 


How to use: Take 4 tablets a day. Nutritional value (in 4 capsules): Energy: 12.8 kcal, protein: 0.33 g, fat: 1.23 g, carbohydrates: 0.11 g, sodium 0.0025 g.Active ingredients (in 4 capsules): deep-sea shark liver oil: 1200 mg (squalene: 30-55%), DAGE {diacylglyceryl ether (containing alkoxyglycerol)}: 20-45%, omega-3 fatty acids: 5-8%.Do not take on an...


How to use: Mix this product with water, yogurt or milk. Take 1-5 times a day. Ingredients: 100% young barley leaves.