List of products by brand MORIKAWA KENKODO

Usage: Take 3 tablets per day. Ingredients: Maltose Syrup, Indigestible Dextrin, DHA -Containing Refined Fish Oil, GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid), PS-Containing Phospholipids, Citric Acid, Sucrose Esters, Flavoring, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Milk, Soy. Avtive ingredients (in 3 tablets): DHA - 10 mg, GABA - 10 mg, Phosphatidylserine - 0.8 mg....


Ingredients: Maltose syrup, indigestible dextrins, powdered bilberry extract, blackcurrant powder extract, sucrose esters, citric acid, flavoring. Usage: Take 3-5 tablets per day. May contain milk.


How to use: Take 3 to 5 capsules a day with water or any other liquid, regardless of food intake. Bee products may cause an allergic reaction in some people. It is not recommended for children under 5 years of age.