List of products by brand Kyowa

Convenient backpacks called the Randoser were developed in Japan in the last century. Their special design supports orthopedic back bends, which reduces the load on the spine and eases the burden.

The Randoser backpacks are designed specifically for primary school students, and therefore have a minimum size corresponding to the height of the child. A compact satchel with a size equal to the format of an A4 sheet is nevertheless capacious enough to fit all the textbooks and exercise books needed by a first-grader.

This satchel has wide, padded webbing that helps to distribute the weight evenly, straightens the shoulders and helps maintain posture.

Thanks to the soft pillows on the back wall, the satchel fits snugly to the back of the child, without rubbing it even with active movements.

The quality of the material of the knapsack also does not disappoint you for the Randoser: its durability will allow you to keep the purchase in its original form for a long time, pleasing both children and parents.

Color Selection

In our catalog you will find satchels of various colors, with beautiful discreet appliqués and patterns that will simultaneously make your child’s satchel unique and perfectly appropriate to the school dress code.

Why is it better to buy a satchel from us?

A large variety of cheap goods on the market leads to an influx of low-quality products. We guarantee quality backpacks to the Randoser from Japanese manufacturers, since we work with them directly. This cooperation also allows you to offer goods at the best price. And fast delivery is provided by our partner - an advanced express shipping company.

How to use: Apply the product to the cleansed skin.