List of products by brand Hapycom

Ingredients: Natural vitamin E improves blood flow to peripheral vessels, nourishes the eyes. Methyl sulfate regulates the work of the eyes, restores sight, removes the cloudiness in the eyes. Chlorpheniramine maleate helps reduce itching of the eyes. Taurine nourishes the eyes, restores the metabolism of cells, helps restore the tissues of the eye, which...

How to use: Instill 2 to 3 drops at a time, 5 to 6 times daily. Ingredients: Vitamin E improves peripheral blood flow, nourishes the eyes. Methyl sulfate improves and restores the vision, eliminates Cloudy Vision. Chlorpheniramine maleate helps relieve ocular itching. Taurine nourishes the eyes, restores the cell metabolism, helps restore the eye tissues...


Ingredients: Potassium L-aspartate 2% - improves tissue respiration by restoring water-electrolyte balance. Allantoin 0.3% - disinfects the eye retina, prevents conjunctivitis. Naphazoline hydrochloride 0.003% - has antiseptic and antiallergic effect, relieves irritation, eliminates swelling. Chlorpheniramine maleate 0.02% - acts as an analgesic and...


Active Ingredients (in 1 g): Salicylic Acid - 0.1g, Collodion. How to use: Apply one drop to the problem area 4 times a day. The glass dropper is attached to the lid.


How to use: Instill 2 to 3 drops at a time, 5 to 6 times daily. Do not use drops while wearing soft contact lenses. Ingredients: Sulfamethoxazole - 4.0%, Dicalcium Glycyrrhizinate - 0.25 %, Epsilon-Aminocaproic Acid -1.0 %, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B 6) - 0.1 %, Gellan Gum, Trometamol, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Edetate. The product can cause a...


Composition (in 1 g): water-soluble azulene - 0.2 mg, cetylpyridinium hydrochloride - 3 mg, menthol.How to use: Keep bottle horizontal. 2-3 sprays up to 4 times daily.


Active ingredients (100 ml): naphazoline hydrochloride - 50 mg, chlorpheniramine maleate - 400 mg, lidocaine - 200 mg, benzetonium chloride - 20 mg. How to use: Squeeze the pump and breathe in gently. Then switch to the other side and repeat the process. Use up to 6 times a day.It is nor recommended for children under 7 years old.