List of products by brand GREEN BELL

Green Bell - body and face cosmetics

For face and body care, it is important to have not only good cosmetics, but also high-quality accessories. For example, those that make the Japanese brand Green Bell. Cosmetic tools manufactured under this brand have become the embodiment of unsurpassed Japanese quality. Nail cutters and scissors, nail files and tweezers, as well as many other accessories of Green Bell, made of stainless steel of the highest class, are used in beauty salons and for home care.

The official age of the company is a little over 45 years. But in fact, the art of making Seki steel blades originated more than 700 years ago. It was this skill, handed down from generation to generation, that formed the basis of the modern Green Bell developments. Masterfully combining ancient traditions and innovative technologies, manufacturers were able to create tools of a completely new level: reliable, durable, facilitating daily care.

Green Bell - from medieval fencers to the world famous brand

More than seven centuries ago, Japanese fencers settled in Gifu Prefecture, having chosen the small town of Seki. Then the first time here began to produce blades for traditional bamboo swords. Masters, forging blades, chose this place by chance. It is here that nature itself harmoniously connected three factors, without which the production of steel would be impossible:

  • Soil rich in iron ores

  • Coal Required for Hardening

  • An inexhaustible source of water - the Nagara River

And even now, centuries later, modern stainless steel production rests on these three pillars.

The fame of the blades made in Seki quickly spread throughout Japan and then beyond. During the civil wars, many military commanders of the Japanese army highly appreciated the quality of the Seki blades and chose them to arm their soldiers.

The era of wars is over, swords have been replaced by new, modern high-tech weapons, but traditional steelmaking techniques still remained relevant. But now the masters have found a peaceful application to the material that previously served to produce lethal weapons. From now on, steel was used to make all kinds of household items: kitchen knives, tailors' scissors, manicure accessories, razors, tweezers and much more.

Becoming a leader in its field Green Bell was easily. In Japan, the unique blades were known a long time ago, but because residents of the Land of the Rising Sun were happy to purchase accessories made of glorified steel. Soon steel tools Green Bell conquered the Japanese market, and the owners of the company decided to export their products to Europe.

This decisive step was a success. Products made in Seki under the brand Green Bell, won an impeccable reputation and were recognized as world-class products. Today, the company continues to grow and develop, launching new and new products for the home and beauty industry.

The secret to success of Green Bell is simple. Creating their products, employees of the company, first of all, consider it from the point of view of the buyer. Will the item be convenient to use? Is the technological solution perfect, or is there an opportunity to refine and improve it? Is it possible to reduce the cost of products without loss in quality? Thanks to this approach, each product is of impeccable quality and fully meets the expectations of consumers, and sometimes exceeds them.

Now you can also order Green Bell products and appreciate the famous quality of Japanese steel.