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Many people dream of beautiful appearance. And everyone knows that healthy, well-groomed teeth are an integral part of an attractive image. GC CORPORATION is a recognized leader in the field of dental development not only in the Japanese market, but throughout the world. Every day, thousands of employees work for you to make your dream come true, to become healthier and more attractive.

For the first time, dental products under the brand name GC CORPORATION were launched in 1921. Having embarked on the highest quality products, in almost a hundred years of work, the company brought to the market the entire range of dental products: from toothpastes to innovative equipment for clinics. Today, GC CORPORATION is the undisputed leader in orthopedic and therapeutic products for the dental market.

The company received the title of the leading manufacturer deservedly so. From the moment of their creation to the present day, eminent scientists carry out numerous studies and experiments, making new and new discoveries and breakthroughs in the field of dentistry and dental equipment. Constantly improving products, GC CORPORATION managed to bring it to the world level and gain recognition in many European countries.

The Japanese corporation considers its main task to be not only the creation of products that meet international quality standards, but also environmental friendliness of production. GC CORPORATION's management strictly honors the principle of Semui, which implies a synergy of wisdom, objectivity, mercy and dedication. Therefore, the company always complies with its obligations once and confidently moves towards its goals.

How did GC CORPORATION evolve from a small company into a world-renowned corporation?

In 1921, the dental market in Japan was crowded with imported products. And then a small group of enthusiasts led by Kioshi Nako founded a small company, setting an ambitious goal to develop products for dentists who could compete with foreign peers.

Initially, the creators of the company adhered to the concept of Minimal Intervention and looked for solutions that would allow to treat the teeth without preparation. The first development of the young brand was cement for dental fillings. This material was in great demand, and therefore employees of the company, inspired by the first success, continued research and experiments in search of new progressive solutions.

Today, the range of the brand includes not only dental equipment and products for dentists, but also all sorts of home care products. In total, numerous enterprises produce more than 600 items of products. Branches of the company work not only in Japan, but also in America and Europe. In less than 100 years, a small company has become a recognized world leader.

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Be careful, this product contains a goat whey protein. How to use: Apply MI Paste to previously brushed teeth with a dry brush or finger. Spread the paste over the entire surface of the teeth and leave on 3 minutes. For the best effect, wait a minimum of 30 minutes before eating. Recommended for use in the morning and evening. 1 tube - approx. 130 uses.