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In Japan, maximum attention is paid to health, and therefore the bio-food industry is continuously improving and releasing new and new healthy food additives. Companies producing similar products in the Land of the Rising Sun are many, but FINE JAPAN managed to stand out against their background. Products of this brand are in demand today not only in Japan, but also in many European countries.

The history of FINE JAPAN began more than 45 years ago. Then, in a small university laboratory, the creators of the company began to conduct the first research and experiments in order to find new effective solutions. Brand motto - quality and safety above all! Therefore, for the development of products from the moment of creation, only natural organic ingredients are used.

The formulation of each new tool is thoroughly tested. Each preparation contains valuable extracts of animal and vegetable origin, as well as other components donated by nature itself. Finished products undergo multi-stage quality control and meet the highest international GMP standards.

Today in the FINE JAPAN assortment there are more than 1000 items of functional food additives of various directions:

  • For youth and beauty

  • For good digestive health

  • For active mental activity

  • And much more

All research takes place in the laboratories of the company, and the products are manufactured in-house in Japan. FINE JAPAN plant is certified according to international standards and has certificates ISO9001 and JAS. In addition, nutritional supplements and vitamins from this brand are approved by the Russian Ministry of Health and are recommended for sale.

What are the most popular FINE JAPAN products today?

Means to improve brain function. FINE JAPAN produces a range of glycine-based drugs that promote normal brain function and healthy sleep. Glycine soothes the nervous system, improves concentration and brain activity, reduces hyperactivity, helps with neurosis and neurotic states. And most importantly - these tools are not addictive, so you can safely take them without fear of dependence.

Preparations with the content of live microorganisms . These products are chosen by those who care about their health and the health of loved ones. The unique composition of nutritional supplements helps to strengthen the immune system, reduces the risk of infectious and viral diseases, restores the normal functioning of the nervous system and serves as a preventive measure for cancer. In addition, these drugs are hypoallergenic - anyone can take them without fear of side effects.

Dietary Products . The means promoting weight loss are made from natural harmless ingredients. For example, slimming coffee is made from natural coffee beans grown in Brazil. The drink does not contain sugar and other sweeteners. Combining coffee and regular exercise can achieve an amazing result in weight reduction.

Do you want to order products of the FINE JAPAN trademark? Just add the necessary tool to the cart and pay for the order - your package will come from Japan in the shortest possible time.

Ingredients (in 15 capsules): coenzyme Q10 clathrate - 250 mg, L-carnitine - 1200 mg, guarana extract - 450 mg (20 mg caffeine), synephrine - 100 mg, forskolin - 40 mg, pepper powder - 150 mg (2 mg capsaicin), cambodian garcinia extract - 600 mg, green tea extract - 300 mg (95 mg catechin). How to use: Take 7-15 capsules per day for 1- 1.5 months.


Ingredients: 100% L-glutamine. Nutritional value (in 5 g): Energy 20 kcal, protein 5 g, lipids 0 g, carbohydrates 0 g, sodium 0 mg, l-glutamine 5 g. How to take: Use 5g per 150 ml of water or juice.