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Fancl - for those who care about health

Products of this manufacturer are food supplements that have a mild effect on the body by eliminating the negative effects of external factors. The use of such supplements makes it possible to rejuvenate the skin, improve overall health and increase vitality.

Fancl dietary supplements are vitamin complexes of different composition, which are devoid of preservatives, dyes, and flavor enhancer. Products include only natural ingredients.

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Our online store offers products of this brand at affordable prices. In our catalog you will find:

  • products for beauty and health that will make the skin elastic, provide protection from the negative effects of natural factors;

  • vitamin complexes for women over 40 years old that prevent aging and help prevent the first signs of old age;

  • vitamin complexes for men over 40 years of age, which have a beneficial effect on the male body, maintaining its activity;

  • vitamin complexes for young women, aimed at maintaining women's health;

  • vitamin complexes and mineral supplements necessary for pregnant women and during the feeding period.

Japanese Fancl vitamins you can buy in our online store and receive your order within 8 days. We manage to keep low prices on products since we work directly with manufacturers.

Usage: 6 tablets per day. Ingredients: Peptides obtained from Sardinops melanostictus (as valyl tyrosine) - 1000 mg, sesame peptide - 180 mg, rutin (vitamin P) - 6 mg. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. The product contains soy, sesame, flour ingredients. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Not recommended for children under 18. Due...


Ingredients: essential amino acids, vitamin D, chicken cartilage extract.Active ingredients: amino acids 3000 mg (40% leucine 1200 mg, lysine 500 mg, valine 330 mg, isoleucine 320 mg, threonine 280 mg, phenylalanine 200 mg, methionine 100 mg, histidine 50 mg, tryptophan 20 mg), vitamin D 25 mg, collagen 10 mg.Calories (in 1 tablet 9.6 g): 32 kcal....


How to use: Spray the product to the clean skin. Wait until it is completely absorbed.


How to use: Use the product twice a day. Apply to the clean skin.


How to use: Apply on the pre-cleaned skin with light massage movements.


How to use: Use a cotton ball to apply lotion to your face and neck. 


How to use: Use a cotton ball to apply lotion to your face and neck.


How to use: Apply the necessary amount of the product to the skin using a cotton pad. 


Ingredients: 1 sachet contains 1.25 grams mushroom extract, equivalent to 3 grams dried mushrooms. How to use: Take 1 sachet per day with water.


How to take: Take 3 tablets per day. Components: Alpha-lipoic acid (in 3 tablets) - 100 mg. Not recommended during pregnancy or breast-feeding. Not recommended for children.


Ingredients: Tryptophan - 28 Mg, Cystine - 41 Mg, Histidine - 30 Mg, Valine - 216 Mg, Isoleucine - 187 Mg, Leucine - 317 Mg, Lysine - 148 Mg, Phenylalanine - 49 Mg, Threonine - 77 Mg, Proline - 71 Mg, Glutamine - 7 Mg, Serine - 73 Mg, Methionine - 26 Mg, Tyrosine - 49 Mg, Alanine - 74 Mg, Arginine - 300 Mg, Aspartic Acid - 200 Mg, Glycine - 28 Mg,...


Ingredients: citrulline, leucine, valine, isoleucine. Active ingredients: citrulline 2400 mg, BCAA 1000 mg (leucine 500 mg, valine 300 mg, isoleucine 200 mg).How to use: Take before exercise. Recommendations: Consult your doctor, if you are pregnant, nursing mother or have chronc diseases. Allergen-free.