List of products by brand Envroy

Envroy - affordable health for the whole family

Beauty is just an external reflection of your inner state. And a key factor for attractiveness and a great sense of self, of course, is health. As no one else, the specialists of the Japanese company Envroy understand this, developing for you means designed to maintain cleanliness and health.

Cleanliness as the basis for a healthy lifestyle

The basis of a healthy lifestyle is, as you know, cleanliness and hygiene. That is why Envroy focuses precisely on these components, and among the company's products are virus blockers for various types of premises.

These devices are multifunctional. First of all, they effectively cope with unpleasant odors, making your home a comfortable place. An equally important function is the elimination of potential allergens, as well as disease causing bacteria. As a result, you can be confident in the safety of both your own and your loved ones.

Product Range

Here you will find several variants of virus blockers. Model CL-90 effectively protects your home from unpleasant odors, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and infections, pollen and dust. This invention is unique through the use of chlorine dioxide as an active ingredient: this substance acts instantly, blocking the spread of bacteria and viruses. The substance penetrates into their protein structure and neutralizes, reliably protecting you from possible problems.

A portable virus blocker can be used anywhere, protecting your personal space, regardless of your movements. The device sterilizes air at the molecular level and is easily attached to the body. Thus, you can simply have it with you for complete confidence in your own protection from allergens and viruses. Secure the virus blocker on the breast pocket to protect the most vulnerable areas - the nose and mouth.

Does not contain sodium hypochlorite! The formula is 100% safe. The safety level of chlorine dioxide gas is confirmed by FDA and USDA. JFCFA of WHO and FAO has also confirmed its safety. How to use: Remove the transparent film from the front side. Attach the device case to any location convenient for you. This can be a breast pocket, belt, stroller or...