List of products by brand Dr SCALP

It is known that one of the foundations of an attractive appearance is the health and beauty of hair. In this case, it is the hair that is most sensitive to any changes in our diet, sleep patterns, and the rhythm of life: any stress can cause a sharp deterioration in the condition of the hair. However, in the modern world it is impossible to maintain an ideal daily regimen, nutrition, and not be nervous. That is why every person needs effective hair care products.

The Japanese firm Dr. Scalp, releasing a rich range of products to keep your hair healthy and attractive.

Product Range

In fact, the company produces not only cosmetics, but also special devices. Thanks to the procedures with such preparations, the process of hair growth is effectively accelerated, their vitality and shine returns, the hair becomes healthy and voluminous.

Here you will find a number of well-known representatives of the products Dr. Scalp, best-selling in Japan and internationally. Essence for thinning hair will save from the most common problem of modern people. Sometimes hair loss is an age feature, but often it also bothers young people. This is due to high levels of stress. Essence from Dr. Scalp does not eliminate the causes of your experiences, but will allow you not to be nervous if only because of the state of your hair.

Another interesting position in the product range of Dr. Scalp is an essence for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. Cosmetics are not the best way to influence the state of these important elements of your appearance. The essence will help to ensure their complete care, keeping them healthy and shiny.

The best option is the selection of comprehensive care, that is, the use of several tools of the same company. This approach will ensure a harmonious interaction of all means and the most effective result.

How to use: apply the essence on the scalp after washing, gently massage. It can be used twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.


How to use: Pick up a generous amount of serum with an applicator. Gently work into lash line without rubbing. Apply first to lashes and then brows. Use morning and night after skin care. Clean applicator after each use by pressing lightly with a tissue before returning to a tube. Each tube lasts 2 months (if used on lashes on brows daily) Does not...