List of products by brand Dot free

Cosmetics Dot Free - a reliable assistant in the fight against minor skin imperfections

The Japanese company Dot Free is not the first year engaged in research in the field of cosmetology. Conducting scientific research and surveys among customers, the company's specialists came to the conclusion that the ideal in the view of most people is smooth, healthy and smooth skin. Make the skin exactly such a makeup Dot Free.

For many years, people have been poisoned by the appearance of certain lack of appearance; a number of people are shy of their freckles. Dot Free funds are aimed at combating all such problems.

Product Basis

The main development underlying the entire products of the company are high-quality collagens - the key to healthy and beautiful skin. Specialists of the company through numerous experiments and testing of different collagens came to the so-called "live collagen", which was introduced into cosmetics thanks to the unique technology developed for this.

Variety of options

The result of scientific research was the release of a wide variety of cosmetics. Most of them are aimed at combating enlarged pores, dry skin and other minor imperfections. The best option is the integrated use of several means of the company - acting in an effective combination with each other, they will achieve the best results.

We have a wide variety of tools from the Japanese company Dot Free. Regular or whitening facial cleanser effectively cleanses the skin at the end of the day, helping to effectively eliminate its shortcomings. Whitening essence will make your skin smooth, healthy and attractive. Collagen moisturizing cream or gel for the face to cope with overdried skin. A mud mask is the best way to deal with imperfections, dries and smoothes the skin, making it silky and beautiful.

Components: Hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, argan oil, water-soluble collagen, malic acid, lactic acid, palmitic acid, lauric acid, stearic acid, myristic acid, artichoke leaves extract, whey (lactic), volcanic soil, glycosyl trehalose, kaolin, succinyl atelocollagen, mannan, citric acid, lavender oil, ascorbyl phosphate sodium, bilberry extract,...


It doesn't contain flavors and dyes. How to use: Apply a small amount of this serum to the cleansed skin.


Ingredients: Dicalcium glycyrrhizate, green tea extract, vitamin E and P (hesperidin). It doesn't contain mineral oils, flavors, and dyes.


It doesn't contain preservatives and dyes. Oil-free. Perfume-free.