List of products by brand Clinica

Clinica brand - dental and oral hygiene for the whole family

Japan is known to the whole world for its love of tradition, therefore, under the Clinica brand, products are produced that correspond to the company's long-standing philosophy. The assortment of the brand includes toothpastes, mouthwashes and many other high-quality products for the care of the oral cavity. Each separate product is a combination of verified marketing, modern technologies and old traditional medicinal formulas.

More than half of the Japanese market focused on the sale of dental products comes from Clinica products.

Today, the most popular toothpastes for children of the brand Clinica. It is noteworthy that in addition to the bright packaging of Mickey Mouse with their beloved children, the company took into account all the features of the development and preservation of children's health. The composition of the toothpastes for children Clinica from the company Lion contains components that strengthen dairy and permanent teeth.

To remove plaque and tartar, the dextranase component is included in the paste, and special natural cleaning ingredients are used to complete the cleaning.

In addition, the composition of the paste for children Lion contains fluoride to strengthen the tooth enamel and xylitol to restore the acid-base balance. Children's pastes have different natural tastes: orange, peach, grapes, etc.

Also in our online store is a wide range of Clinica toothpastes for adults, created using Enamel Pearl technology. Thanks to the W-scrub in its composition, such pastes perfectly clean even a strong plaque on the teeth, relieve caries. After the first use of toothpaste from this Japanese manufacturer, you will notice the positive effect and whiteness of your teeth.

We offer for sale only original toothpastes from this manufacturer with direct deliveries from Japan.