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BioBank Co., Ltd - natural probiotics of a new generation

Taking care of your health, you improve the quality of life and significantly prolong it. This fact is well known to the Japanese, and therefore practically every inhabitant of the Land of the Rising Sun daily includes healthy food additives in their diet. Probiotics enjoy particular love and popularity of the Japanese - because a person's well-being is 90% dependent on how his intestines work.

There are a lot of companies that produce probiotics in Japan. But against the background of a multitude of manufacturers, the brand BioBank Co., Ltd. stands out. After all, their probiotics are considered among the best not only in Japanese, but also in the global market of bio-food industry. The fact that in the US OM-X probiotics, marketed under the brand name Dr. OHHIRA, the best in its category for six years in a row, speaks of the impeccable quality of this product and its high efficiency.

It is not surprising that BioBank Co., Ltd. products were able to conquer the whole world. The founder of the company, Dr. Ishiro Ohira, has devoted practically his entire adult life to research and development in the field of bioactivity, paying special attention to lactic acid bacteria and their effect on the human body. The unique discoveries made by Dr. Ohir have been awarded various scientific awards, including the GAUS World Prize. Today the goods of brand Dr. OHHIRA does not need a special presentation - millions of people around the world choose them from a variety of alternatives.

How was BioBank Co., Ltd created?

The most popular BioBank Co., Ltd product is the OM-X fermented herbal extract. The story of its creation is unusual and worth it so that fans of the miraculous drug would learn the details of its birth.

At one time, Dr. Ohira traveled a lot and also visited various countries because of his professional activities. One day, while in Malaysia, before an important conference at which Mr. Ohira was supposed to speak, he suddenly felt very bad. One of the locals paid attention to this and offered him to take some kind of pasty product.

After taking the medicine, Mr. Ohira fell asleep, and when he woke up several hours later, he felt just fine! The conference was a success, but the doctor was not bothered by the question - what was in this paste, which in just a couple of hours had relieved him of the strongest indisposition? Therefore, upon returning to Japan, Ishiro Ohira immediately began research, hoping to restore the unique formula of the miraculous remedy.

It took Mr. Ohir several years to establish that the main ingredient of the paste was a fermented food product containing beneficial lactic acid bacteria. He conducted tests again and again, taking as a basis various products typical of Southeast Asia. It should be noted that the experiments were significantly more complicated due to the fact that the fermentation process lasted three years and it was not possible to accelerate it.

However, Dr. Ohira did not give up. Despite the fact that numerous studies required constant financial injections and did not bring a penny of income, Ishiro Ohira did not stop. He believed that his work is important because he will be able to help millions of people improve their health. And the efforts of the doctor were rewarded - he was not only able to reproduce the formula of the very paste, but also improved it. And Dr. Ohira also put the pasty product in a capsule - it’s much more convenient to take the drug.

So, 30 years ago, the OM-X fermented extract containing fermented herbal ingredients and 12 strains of lactic acid bacteria was first released. And today, after three decades, it still remains one of the best products, popular and in demand in many countries around the world.

Now you also have the opportunity to order the legendary extract "OM-X" and other products from BioBank Co., Ltd. Your package will come directly from Japan, which will be a 100% guarantee of quality and protection against fakes.

How to use: Take 3 to 5 capsules a day after a meal. Keep out of reach of children. Consult with your doctor before use. Store in a cool and dry place. Ingredients (in 1 capsule (580 mg)): Saccharide - 121.8 Mg, Prunes - 48 Mg, Spinach - 16 Mg, Lycium Chinense - 6 Mg, Shiitake Mushroom - 5 Mg, Komatsuna - 3 Mg, Ficus Carica - 3 Mg, Blueberries - 2 Mg,...