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Alovivi cosmetics - affordable beauty for any occasion

The basis of Alovivi cosmetics is the juice of a medicinal aloe plant, which is popularly known as agave. About its healing properties of humanity has been known for a long time. A cosmetologists and doctors of the company Alovivi and today use this knowledge when creating their own cosmetics.

Aloe is a natural antiseptic and contains a large amount of vitamins, including vitamins B, A, E and C, necessary for proper development of skin cells.

Our range

Among the range of products online store OKNOinjapan you can find cosmetics Alovivi a wide range of applications. These are fabric face masks with collagen and placenta, masks with pearl extract, indelible hair balms and much more.

Alovivi face masks are effective remedies that make the skin supple and elastic, nourish and moisturize it, help get rid of wrinkles.

Their use in a short time will improve the condition of your skin, give it freshness and a pleasant natural shade.

An excellent face skin care product is a fabric mask with oil and acids. This mask contains 5 types of vegetable oils, the action of which is aimed at nourishing cells and hydration. Therapeutic components of the mask penetrate deep into the epithelium, which gives an incredible fast rejuvenating effect.

Alovivi cosmetics - benefits

Our online store will help you to get quality cosmetics from Japan, which, working directly with manufacturers, reaches the minimum price level. The absence of intermediaries in the chain of sales of goods allows for the delivery at the best price And cooperation with an advanced express delivery company makes it possible to quickly complete orders.

How to use: Use the cream during the day or before going to bed. Apply to the cleansed skin.


How to use: Lather between hands with water and apply to the skin, then rinse off with water.


How to use: Apply to the face and body. Use in the morning and evening.


How to use: After washing your hair, apply this tonic to the scalp and gently massage it. Do not rinse.


How to use: Apply to the pre-cleansed skin and leave on for 10-15 minutes.


How to use: You can use this oil to remove makeup and cleanse the skin/moisturize the skin or hair.