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AGF coffee drinks - when the quality is amazing

The online store OKNOinjapan is an opportunity to get quality goods directly from Japan at an affordable price, quickly and with delivery to the address. We work in close cooperation with Japanese manufacturers, among which is the well-known AGF brand in Japan and abroad. Concern AGF has been producing coffee and coffee drinks since 1954. Until recently, coffee products under the AGF brand in Russia were known only in the Far East. However, now they can be purchased in our online store from any region of the country.

Features of AGF coffee drinks

AGF coffee is produced using a special technology of processing natural coffee beans and is a freeze-dried product with a rich taste and bright aroma.

Our range

You can buy instant MAXIM Espresso coffee from us, which has an excellent taste of coffee brewed from natural ground coffee beans. MAXIM coffee in disposable filter packs is convenient to prepare. One bag is enough to prepare a portion of an aromatic and tasty drink, for which one should quickly lower the bag into a glass of boiling water. Natural coffee MAXIM Kilimanjaro - is a coffee drink made from selected Arabica coffee beans, which has a bright taste and aroma.

Cost of Products

Our online store fulfills orders, delivering goods directly from the manufacturer. This allows you to keep their minimum cost. AGF coffee drinks belong to the average price category, but at the same time retain high quality. Orders are executed quickly and without delay, so you can always enjoy the pleasant coffee drinks AGF, ordering them in our online store.

Ingredients: Natural coffee beans. How to use: Pour one sachet of coffee with hot water (140 ml). Quantity: 40 sachets.


Ingredients: Mocha Blend Coffee (Ethiopia, Colombia); Shop Blend Coffee (Columbia, Brazil); Special Blend Coffee (Columbia, Tanzania). How to use: Pour one sachet of coffee with hot water (140 ml). Quantity: 42 sticks.


Ingredients: Instant coffee (produced in Tanzania), ground coffee (produced in Columbia). Quantity: 16 pcs x 2 g.


How to use: Pour about 2 g of coffee (1 teaspoon) with 140 ml of hot water and stir thoroughly. Ingredients: 100% natural sublimated coffee.


Ingredients: Sublimated black coffee. Quantity: 100 pcs x 2 g.


Ingredients: Roasted green tea, dextrin, vitamin C, flavoring, emulsifier. 100 sachets


Ingredients: Black tea, dextrin, flavoring, emulsifier. Calories: 4 kcal. How to use: Use one sachet per person for a cup. Pour boiled water and allow to infuse for 3 minutes. Quantity: 50 pcs × 1.1 G.