List of products by brand ADDICTION

Color cosmetics from Addiction deserves a place in your makeup bag! Choose the right product and self-assess the benefits of the products that enthrall the women of Japan and Europe.

Addiction - decorative cosmetics from Japan, which will not leave you indifferent

Japanese woman makeup is a separate topic. A make-up can be bright and catchy, maybe even barely noticeable. But whatever he is, he is always flawless. On the streets of Japanese cities you are unlikely to meet a carelessly painted girl. What is the secret of this skill, which is owned by all women in the Land of the Rising Sun?

In fact, there are no special secrets. Of great importance is the fact that girls watch their mother from infancy and take over all the subtleties of visage from her. Japanese woman will never be beautiful on the run and how horrible - makeup is applied only on the prepared skin after a daily beauty ritual. But skills are only one side of the coin. The second is high-quality decorative cosmetics. Applying such tools is a pleasure!

The Addiction brand is little known outside of Japan - its products are intended primarily for the domestic market of the country. And at home, the decorative products of this company invariably produce a real sensation. Each new collection of beautiful ladies are looking forward to, and sometimes they sweep the new items off the shelves in just a few hours after the product went on sale.

Of course, wonderful Japanese cosmetics could not go unnoticed by women in Europe, who are closely following the news on the Asian market. And despite the fact that Addiction products are not so easy to buy outside of Japan, products released by this brand are becoming increasingly popular and are becoming more and more female fans.

What kind of Addiction cosmetic products can you order today?

In the assortment of our online store you can purchase everything you need for everyday make-up.

Foundation Makeup

This tool will help you instantly even out the tone of your face, improve its shade, and also ensure the persistence of makeup throughout the day. In addition, the makeup base protects the skin from dehydration and serves as a reliable barrier to ultraviolet radiation. Such products often contain precious oils and extracts that nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, complementing the effect of day cream.

Eyebrow Shadows

It’s perhaps unnecessary to talk about the role that beautifully designed eyebrows play, perhaps every woman knows about it today. Eyebrow shades will appeal to those who prefer soft translucent shades and careful shading to a clear graphic pattern. With the help of shadows you will emphasize the eyebrows and easily give them the most natural look.


If the eyes are a mirror of the soul, then the eyelashes are their luxurious framing. Colored eyelashes can be the central focus of all makeup. But for this you need to try and gently apply mascara - without lumps and stuck cilia. Even an aspiring beauty can cope with this addiction mascara. The mascara evenly covers each eyelash, makes the look open, deep and attractive.

Lip Liner

Before you put lipstick on your lips, use a contour pencil. It will help to emphasize the seductive shape of the lips, as well as to improve the curves, if the natural lines for some reason do not suit you. Pencil fits perfectly, gives shine and volume to your lips. An additional bonus is that the herbal extract in the composition will moisturize the lips and protect it from drying out.

Essence for lips

This tool will appeal to those who appreciate naturalness in everyday images. The essence will be a full-fledged alternative to gloss and lipstick. It gives the lips shine, moisturizes them and successfully protects against various negative factors.

Agree, Makeup color cosmetics deserve a place in your cosmetic bag! Choose the right product and self-assess the benefits of the products that enrapture the women of Japan and Europe.