Orihiro Super 100 Green Vegetable Essence



Orihiro Super 100 Green Vegetable Essence contains indigestible dextrin that improves peristalsis, digestive health, and stool motility. It can support your body’s ability to remove wastes. It detoxifies your body and helps to improve overall well-being. The product is the perfect addition to the diet. Dextrin can be used in patients with constipation, bowel problems, chronic constipation, bowel irritability, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Orihiro Super 100 is highly rich in useful microelements and vitamins. Folic acid helps to provide your body with energy, improve mood and lower hemoglobin level. It is useful for improving the nervous system function and is also useful for pregnant women. Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect, increases the immune system and supports the body's defense functions. Calcium improves bones and teeth, strengthens the musculoskeletal system and stimulates regeneration. Potassium supports heart and nervous system, saturates brain cells with oxygen.

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Amount24 pcs

How to use: Dissolve the contents of 1-2 sachets in water (150 ml/1 sachets).

Ingredients: kale leaf extract, indigestible dextrin.

Calcium - from 5 up to 25 mg, Potassium - from 5 up to 25 mg, Magnesium - from 1 up to 5 mg, Vitamin C - from 0.1 up to 3.5 mg, Folic acid - from 1 up to 10 μg, Carotene - from 140 up to 320 μg.

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