Is it possible to buy happiness ... happiness for hair?


  • What the LebeL Hair Restoration Program focuses on

  • Set of Absolute H...

Is it possible to buy happiness ... happiness for hair?


  • What the LebeL Hair Restoration Program focuses on

  • Set of Absolute Happiness

It is known that happiness cannot be bought, but its little grain - “Happiness for hair” can be bought thanks to “wizards” from the famous Japanese company Lebel Cosmetics. Hair, in the desire of women to look beautiful, is often taken seriously. There is a paradoxical situation, the more thoroughly the hair care, the faster it "gets tired" and becomes "exhausted". Frequent dyeing, perm, drying, man-made effects, and many other factors contribute to the intensive loss of substances necessary for healthy hair. This leads to degradation of the scalp and hair, which cannot be eliminated by conventional and common products.

Happiness for hair from LebeL - buy and forget about all the problems

All the resources are thrown at restoring “tired” hair: a lot of money, time, nervous tension. Of course, the first thing you want is to heal your hair quickly. Women usually start to buy the most advertised products and, not reaching the expected result, after one or two procedures and buy more and more and try new remedies.

Hair cosmetics purchased in this way are most often chosen by mistake (in a hurry, often without understanding the purpose), in some cases its use requires long periods to obtain a visible result. For these reasons, the expected “quick” effect is not achieved.

At LebeL Cosmetics just for such cases was created the Happiness for hair restoration complex and a bit later its modern version - Absolute Happiness for Hair. A set of tools developed by the company's technologists in collaboration with scientists returns hair health and beauty. The composition of the procedure includes variations that provide the maximum effect for all types of hair and the degree of damage.

LebeL specialists, offering a recovery program, focus on the following possible causes of damage:

  • Overheating: the use of thermal devices (irons, hair dryers, curling irons) for hair treatment.
  • Chemical effects: discoloration, dyeing, perm, straightening.
  • Untimely and insufficient hair restoration procedures.
  • Attributes of your natural hair: natural dryness or fat content, brittleness or stiffness, etc.
  • Ignoring scalp care.

Each component included in the recovery program is a highly effective tool, but maximum synergy is achieved if “Happiness for Hair” is bought and applied in a kit.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum effect of the application of “Absolute happiness for hair” is possible only in a salon, thanks to strict adherence to all procedures. But there is an opinion and experience in performing all stages of the program at home. Moreover, compared with the predecessor program, all operations have been greatly simplified. Detailed instructions of all stages for recovery are described in our blog.

What the LebeL Hair Restoration Program focuses on

Having bought a set from LebeL Absolute happiness for hair (brand name IAU INFINITY AURUM SALON CARE), you get an active system of action on three goals at once - damage restoration, scalp care and anti-aging treatment.

Changes in the scalp and hair appear with age. The decrease in proteins, lipids, and moisture due to external factors, for example, UV rays, overheating, hypothermia and internal age-related changes, lead to loss of elasticity - the foundation of healthy hair.

In addition to the design of the hairstyle, the hair itself is an element of creating a beautiful style, and the appearance should be impeccable. The first and main step on the path to such perfection is the restoration of elasticity of the scalp that supports each hair.

The second, no less important factor that works in the future is the protection of already restored scalp and hair with special ingredients at the cellular level that actively resist aging in the future. In Absolute happiness, more intensive treatment of damaged hair is achieved than the traditional salon.

The main emphasis in the set for hair from LebeL "Absolute happiness" is made on elastin, as a key element to obtain the radiant beauty so desired by everyone. It holds a sufficient quantity that gives elasticity and moisture to the scalp and hair with raised roots.

The three main components of the skin - collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin - create a moisture-retaining elastic foundation. With age (after 20 years), the concentration of elastin decreases at a faster pace, the skin ages and ceases to fully perform the functions of the base for hair.

Collagen penetrates the dermis matrix, which is the retaining base of the hair root. Hyaluronic acid acts as a moisture-retaining agent, filling the space between the collagen fibers.

The effectiveness of hyaluronic acid is based on the phenomenal ability to bind moisture - 1 molecule holds up to 1000 H2O molecules and ensures the correct arrangement of the chains of the main skin proteins - elastin and collagen, this improves the structure of the skin. As a result, the anti-aging effect of redermalization.

Elastin, called the “elastic fiber,” binds the other two components and plays an important role in creating an elastic, moisture-saturated matrix for healthy hair.

The structure of the dermis resembles a mattress, where collagen acts as springs, hyaluronic acid with fibroblast cells (connective tissue cells that synthesize matrix growth) act as a filler, and elastin binds them into a single structure. Accordingly: elastic healthy skin is an analog of a new high-quality mattress, and problem skin is an analog of a mattress with a pressed filler and broken springs.

Composition of the set Absolute Happiness

The sessions of “Absolute Happiness for Hair” restoration, in addition to the healing one, have another aspect that is usually not mentioned - pleasure and psychological relaxation. Even if the implementation of the entire procedure is not included in the plans, it is certainly worth trying the first stage. Thousands of years ago, only Egyptian queens could afford such pleasure.

IAU CELL CARE 1 - elasticity, basic hydration

Haircare LebeL "Happiness for hair" protects against loss of moisture and elasticity of the scalp due to aging. The following ingredients of the first stage of IAU CELL CARE 1 actively contribute to this:

  • elastin: elasticity;
  • pycnogenol?: moisture retention;
  • Lipidure?: moisture retention;
  • collagen: moisture retention, improving the quality of the foam;
  • hyaluronic acid: protection of keratin layers, moisture retention;
  • Ceramide: moisture retention;
  • Keratin: protection;
  • Dipotassium glycyrrhizate (licorice root extract): reduces peeling, restoring elasticity, anti-irritant with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties;
  • Dipotassium glycyrrhizate (licorice root extract): reduces peeling, restoring elasticity, anti-irritant with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties;
  • Sunflower polyphenol: antioxidant, moisture retention;
  • Glutamic acid, phosphoric acid 2Na (in the form of disodium salt): protection against damage caused by calcium, normalization of pH.

After washing the hair with deep cleaning, a massage is done in the most tender, like whipped cream, IAU CELL CARE 1 foam, which has absorbed all the strength and aroma of nature. Cream foam nutrients provide basic hydration - the basis for building the correct saturated structure of the dermis in the next stages of the Happiness procedure for hair.

Relaxing “foamy” massage is pleasant not only for the client but also for the specialist of the SPA salon. The superb lightweight foam makes a massage a pleasure.

Elastin for the elasticity of the scalp and hair from the inside

This component is added to elastin, similar to that found in human skin. Supports scalp and hair in a “toned" and healthy condition.

Pycnogenol? for moisturizing and revitalizing the scalp

A multifaceted nutraceutical extracted from the bark of a French maritime pine bark. It contains catechin, minerals, flavonoids. They are known as an effective anti-aging ingredients.


Saturation with components to create an elastic structure:

  • Elastin: elasticity;
  • Collagen Fibers: Protection;
  • Lipidure?: moisture retention;
  • Keratin: structure, moisture retention.


Creating an elastic structure, saturation with lipids and proteins:

  • CMC δ (delta) Cocktail (based on glucono-δ-lactone): protection, restoration of molecular bonds;
  • Avocado Oil: Shine;
  • Hydrophobization ingredients: protection;
  • [S] PPT silk derivative / [M] meadowfoam oil: protection.


Protection of an elastic structure saturated with recovery components:

  • Wet film (moisturizing coating ingredient): protection, moisture retention;
  • Avocado Oil: Shine;
  • Jojoba Extract: smoothes and retains moisture;
  • Macadamia nut oil: moisture retention.

Double effect to restore the moisture-retaining elastic structure


Fibers (collagen and other ingredients) and elastin penetrate the damaged and aging matrix of the dermis. The scalp and hair are prepared for the formation of bound water and an elastic structure inside and on the surface.


The moisture-retaining CMC δ Cocktail and avocado oil penetrate and treat the hair from the inside, creating an elastic structure that holds bound water.


The ingredients, working together to restore hair from the inside, provide moisture retention and an elastic hair structure. In addition, the aqua film provides effective protection for the restoration of cuticle hair.

? Silk in the composition of the ingredients for recovery was not accidental, not for marketing. Keratin, collagen and silk molecules belong to the so-called structural proteins. Silk is obtained from cocoons of silkworm caterpillars (Bombyx mori) containing silk protein, fibroin.

Due to its high molecular weight, untreated fibroin, like other natural proteins, has poor solubility in water. For this reason, it is difficult to use in cosmetic products. Hydrolyzed proteins (peptides, PPT), in contrast, have low molecular weight and high solubility in water.

IAU CELL CARE 5 - home treatment that supports a moisture-retaining elastic structure

IAU CELL CARE 5 protects against daily external damaging effects, prevents all components that were saturated in skin and hair from being washed out after restoration procedure.

The ease of use and the possibility of using a cream mask at home allows you to save on the cost of the SPA procedure Happiness for hair.

IAU CELL CARE 5S - S (Silk) gives silkiness.

IAU CELL CARE 5M - M (Melt) deep hydration.

It is recommended for use instead of regular treatment after shampooing and contains the following main ingredients:

QuAqua Film (moisturizing coating ingredient): protection, moisture retention; CMC δ Cocktail (based on glucono-δ-lactone): protection, restoration of molecular bonds; [S] Hydrolyzed (PPT) silk molecules (fibroins) or [M] meadowfoam oil: protection.

? If at the third stage the IAU CELL CARE 3S is used, then at the fifth stage the product with the same index should be used - IAU CELL CARE 5S. Accordingly, after IAU CELL CARE 3M should be applied IAU CELL CARE 5M.

The procedure "Absolute happiness for hair" takes from one and a half to two hours. The first application already gives a visible result. But the effect will not last long if you do not complete the full recovery course. One or two hair washes are enough to take away the effect of a single procedure.

According to the recommendations of the manufacturer and leading SPA salons, it is optimal to carry out three to seven procedures in one course - once every 2 weeks. Very damaged hair will require five to ten treatments, approximately once a week. The number of recovery procedures is selected individually, depending on the initial state of hair damage.

Our customers will not have to wonder where to buy "Happiness for hair"- in our online store JapanesBeauty it is ALWAYS AVAILABLE! We get the recovery set directly from the manufacturer - LebeL Cosmetics.

The use of “Happiness for hair” care at home is quite possible if you have free time and readiness to carefully follow all the recommendations for the use of remedies.

Once you bought "Happiness for hair" in our store and you can use the instructions provided in our blog. It is a great opportunity to conduct a TOP class SPA procedure for hair restoration and treatment at home, saving considerable money on the services of a salon's specialist.



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