High cholesterol - solution methods

High cholesterol - solution methods

If you care about your health and listen to the recommendations of doctors, you probably heard that in the human body there is such a substance as cholesterol. It enters the body with food and accumulates over time. Therefore, experts advise to control the level of "bad" cholesterol and, if possible, reduce it.

And here a person far from the world of medicine has a lot of questions:

  • How to distinguish good from bad cholesterol?

  • How to effectively lower cholesterol and which method will be the safest?

  • And what if to consume only cholesterol-free foods?

Do you know the answers to these questions ? Well, let's talk what cholesterol is, and whether a person can completely stop eating cholesterol containing products. First of all, we will find out what types of cholesterol are and whether this substance is really harmful to the human body, as they say.

Cholesterol is nothing but lipoproteins. They are divided into two types: high and low density. High density lipoproteins - the so-called “good” cholesterol . Accordingly, low density lipoproteins - this is the “bad" cholesterol, which is considered to be the cause of various diseases.

In fact, everything is not so clear. Excess cholesterol is certainly hazardous to health. Gradually, it accumulates in the vessels, forming cholesterol plaques, and this eventually leads to their narrowing and thrombosis. The result is such serious ailments as a stroke, myocardial infarction, and even sudden death.

But at the same time, bad cholesterol is needed for a body. Accumulating in muscle tissue, it maintains its tone and provides muscle growth. Also, cholesterol is necessary to strengthen the nervous system and immunity, the synthesis of vitamins, hormones and acids, restore blood vessels and other vital processes.

Too low cholesterol is just as dangerous as high. Lack of this substance can lead to various disorders of the nervous system, including depression, iron deficiency and anemia, muscle dystrophy, hyperemia and general weakness.

Therefore, you should not just think about how to effectively lower cholesterol , but try to maintain an optimal balance of lipoproteins in the body.

How to effectively lower cholesterol without medication and doctors

In Japan, they prefer safe remedies developed on the basis of natural ingredients. Therefore, these remedies can be taken without worrying about side effects.

One of the main ingredients that you can see in many Japanese supplements is phytosterols. The molecule of this substance of plant origin is very similar in structure to the cholesterol molecule. And also, like lipoprotein molecules, it is used by the body for the synthesis of nutrients and in other vital processes. At the same time, plant sterols have an undeniable advantage - unlike cholesterol, they do not accumulate in the vessels and do not form plaques and blood clots.

When phytosterols enter the intestines, they are absorbed faster than low-density lipoprotein. Therefore, the bad cholesterol passes through the intestines without being absorbed and then excreted naturally. Thus, plant sterols replace “bad” cholesterol and displace it from the body.

Isoflavones are another plant substance that helps lower cholesterol. Soy is one of the staple foods in every Japanese’s diet. Scientists have noticed that the more soy and products created on its basis a person consumes the more slows down the synthesis of collagen in the body. Therefore, many cholesterol-lowering supplements contain soy isoflavones. For the same reason, soybeans and their derivatives are recommended to be included in the diet for anyone looking for ways, how to effectively lower cholesterol.

Japanese supplents also include a number of active substances that enhance the action of the main ingredients and beneficially affect the body:

  • Alginic acid improves metabolism and helps eliminate toxins

  • Red yeast cleanse blood vessels of cholesterol plaques, stimulate blood flow and stabilize lipid metabolism

  • Momordica charantia activates the circulatory system and normalizes glucose levels

  • Pantothenic acid converts low-density lipoproteins to “good” cholesterol

  • Olive leaves - contain oleuropene, effective in thrombosis and atherosclerosis, as well as helping to lower cholesterol

Regularly taking special supplemtns, you will no longer wonder how to effectively reduce cholesterol - thanks to Japanese supplents, it will always be balanced. Take care of your vessels - after all, your health and longevity depend on their condition!


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