Face Cleansers from Japan: the path to perfect skin

Face Cleansers from Japan: the path to perfect skin

The purity, radiance, and smoothness of the skin, porcelain skin without flaws - this is what Japanese women always try to achieve. In most cases, even skin tone and healthy skin is the result of diligent, methodical, and most importantly - step by step use of excellent Japanese cosmetics.

Cosmetic formulas, time-tested

Each country has its own traditions and secrets of keeping skin beauty. Even when there were no famous cosmetics brands and pharmaceutical companies Japanese women always were completely focused on the purification of the skin from the signs of the impact of the environment and the use of make-up. To do this, they turned to natural substances that have long been used in the traditional medicine of the East.

Of course, modernity has left its "footprint" on the beauty industry: along with the natural substances, manufacturers use advanced technologies in medicine and cosmetology. Such symbiosis of technology and Eastern traditions formed the basis for the creation of truly unique skin cleansing products in Japan.

So, there are several key components of Japanese cleansers for the face:

  • The unique components that usually not possible to see on any jar or bottle: ash collected on the volcano Sakurajima, Japanese angelica extract, sakura, Japanese green tea.

  • Natural extracts of aloe, royal jelly milk, jojoba oil, shea butter, chamomile flowers extract, licorice, arnica. A complex of extracts of hawthorn fruit, Chinese Dates (jujube), apple, lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit or loofah.

  • The products obtained in the course of scientific experiments: hydrolyzed collagen (as one of the important elements of the connective tissue), hydrolyzed protein conchiolin or pearl protein as a powerful moisturizer and antioxidant.

However, this is not all that makes the Japanese cosmetics for the face unique. The fact that the majority of the products have a gel texture similar to the cells of our body. This form allows the nutrient components to easily penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis, it's easier to absorb and retain moisture. While the cleansing process, manufacturers use the milled material or vegetable origin, which also affects the excellent result.

The advantages of Japanese cleansers for the face

About the features and advantages of Japanese skincare products can be a long time to talk to a person, it is better to experience them for yourself. However, there are several key things:

  • if European products are aimed at a quick effect, Japanese cleansers eliminate the problem comprehensively, offering options aimed at the long term and to eliminate the root of the problem;

  • creams, masks, foam and clay cleanser works at full preservation of the natural charm;

  • 100% natural;

  • combines ornamental and medicinal properties;

  • has a neutral flavor;

  • hypoallergenic.

Steps to a dream skin

Anyone who regularly uses cosmetics, cleansing facial skin should become a ritual of paramount importance. This is most effective with the Asian multistage washing system.

Step 1:. Removing makeup

optimal products for this procedure with emulsion makeup Remover Shiseido Skin Care Creamy Cleansing Emulsion, bioactive cream makeup remover Pola RED BA Cleansing cream or agent for eye make-up remover with olive oil KOSE Quick eye make Up Remover. It is enough to put a few drops on a sponge and get rid of makeup and dirt from the skin.

Step 2:. Washing

use a gel, foam or lotion for washing. They should be a pre-foamed with a special sponge, and then apply the foam to the face. Ideal for this using foam for deep cleansing KOSE Cosmeport Natu Savon Cleansing Foam or purifying foam cleanser Shiseido BENEFIQUE Douce Cleansing Foam.

Step 3:. Toning and moisturizing

concentrated serum Kanebo and cream for deep moisturizing Pola will be an excellent choice, as well as the finishing touch to the skin cleansing.

The best brands of Japanese cosmetics

It is difficult to isolate the leaders, because each brand, released in Japan is a masterpiece and a remedy for aging skin. Recently, the most popular are such brands:

  • "Kanebo Cosmetics". Produces several lines for face, hands, and body for all ages: rejuvenation, moisturizing, cleansing and restoration

  • "Shiseido". Shiseido brand became world-famous through the creation of "red water". But today it brings a collection for mixed skin types, dry, stressed skin. Can help with bags under eyes.

  • "BBC Laboratories ". Unique brand Bb Laboratories-Medical industry project-based cosmetics which are phytoestrogens. They are effective and do not cause side effects

If you have decided that it is time to thoroughly clean the skin then there is no better option than Japanese cosmetics. The main thing, in this case, is patience. Do not expect an immediate effect, do everything correctly and without fuss, surrendering to the process. As a result, your skin will thank you with shine, healthy look and even tone!