The oil is based on alpha hydroxy acids (fruit acids), natural biological agents found in sugar cane, fruits, sour milk and old wine. Oil effectively removes stubborn makeup, oxygenated sebum, old stratum corneum cells and dirt from pores. The oil has a thick consistency and effectively removes even waterproof mascara. The consistency of the oil is easily and evenly distributed over the skin surface and almost instantly absorbed. After applying the skin becomes tender and soft. No oily film, no spots, no clogged pores!

Fruit acids:

  • Stimulate cell renewal;
  • Increase the skin elasticity;
  • Remove both fine lines and deep wrinkles;
  • Align the skin complexion;
  • Moisten the skin;

The combination of fruit acids and salicylic acid perfectly cleanses the skin (excess fat and dead cells);

Regular use helps prevent acne.

Does not contain fragrances, alcohols and mineral oils.

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Brand BCL
Capacity145 ml

Fruit acids have exfoliating properties, normalize excessive sebum secretions, remove sebaceous plugs (black dots). Therefore, ANA cosmetics are recommended for the young oily skin. However, this is not the least of their advantages. The product is suitable for the care of any age and skin type, especially for the skin with enlarged pores. Regular use of the AHA OIL CLEANSING Hydrophilic Oil can help you to get rid of acne, improve skin complexion and get the healthy-looking skin.

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