Lebel PROEDIT CARE WORKS CMC (C), NMF (N), PPT (R), Element fix



A set of high-quality Japanese hair care products is suitable for both experienced professionals as well as beginners. These products work at the molecular level, nourishing each hair with active ingredients.

Lebel Proedit Care Works CMC "C" Serum is designed to prepare hair for further treatment procedures. The composition of the product includes proteins that perfectly restore the water balance, making the combing easier.

Lebel Proedit Care Works NMF "N" Serum intensively moisturizes and revitalizes damaged hair. A unique combination of amino acids nourishes the hair; glycerin retains moisture; and lactic acid activates the hair growth. If you're sick of split ends, this one's for you. This product helps to get rid of itching, peeling, and dandruff. Improves hair strength, repairs damage and restores shine and softness. It is absorbed into each stand of hair making styling easier.

Lebel Proedit Care Works PPT "R" Serum intensely nourishes the hair with nutrient proteins. Proteins provide a long-lasting vital to moisturize the hair and scalp, stimulating hair growth.

Lebel Proedit Care Works Element Fix Serum improves the properties of the serums. Glycerin helps to keep moisture inside the skin and hair. Castor oil creates a protective film, returning a healthy look and shine to the hair. Useful substances prevent drying.

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Brand Lebel
Amount4 pcs
Product seriesProedit

How to use: Wash your hair with shampoo. Dry your hair with a towel. Apply serum in the following order: C-N-R-Element Fix. After each application, comb the hair well, evenly distributing the serum over the entire length of the hair. After applying all the serums, put on a bathing cap and wait for about 10 minutes. Rinse off with water.

Don't wash your hair with shampoo for 2 days after applying, because the products continue to work on the hair.

1. Serum C (150 ml.)
2. Serum N (150 ml.)
3. Serum P (150 ml.)
4. Element Fix (150 ml.)

Active components: mineral water, sunflower seed extract, wheat proteins, rice seed oil, ethanol, glycerin.

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